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MERO PREM [Adhuro Prem 2] AXIX Actors: Pavel Udas | Samia Bartaula Lyrics: Apar Gurung Direction: Bizu Karmacharya

Axix - Muskan (official music video) 2016


Muskan... Axix Mixed / Mastered by : Ujjwal Shreyan Mahat Actors : Zoheb Shah / Sakshi Mulmi Rai Shot by : Balram Budhathoki / Satiz Shrestha Colorist : Satiz Shrestha Edited & Directed by : Bizu Karmacharya Produced by : Barcode Productions

Axis of Awesome - 4 Four Chord Song (with song titles)


Australian comedy group 'Axis Of Awesome' perform a sketch from the 2009 Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Footage courtesy of Network Ten Australia. See 🤍 for more details of the comedy trio including Jordan Raskopoulos, Lee Naimo, & Benny Davis. Journey - Don't Stop Believing James Blunt - You're Beautiful Alphaville - Forever Young Jason Mraz - I'm Yours Mika - Happy Ending Alex Lloyd - Amazing The Calling - Wherever You WIll Go Elton John - Can You Feel The Love Tonight Maroon 5 - She Will Be Loved The Last Goodnight - Pictures Of You U2 - With Or Without You Crowded House - Fall At Your Feet Kasey Chambers - Not Pretty Enough The Beatles - Let it Be Red Hot Chili Peppers - Under the Bridge Daryl Braithwaite - The Horses Bob Marley - No Woman No Cry Marcy Playground - Sex and Candy Men At Work - Land Down Under Banjo Patterson's Waltzing Matilda A Ha - Take On Me Green Day - When I Come Around Eagle Eye Cherry - Save Tonight Toto - Africa Beyonce - If I Were A Boy The Offspring - Self Esteem The Offspring - You're Gonna Go Far Kid Pink - You and Your Hand Lady Gaga - Poker Face Aqua - Barbie Girl The Fray - You Found Me 30h!3 - Don't Trust Me MGMT - Kids Tim Minchin - Canvas Bags Natalie Imbruglia - Torn Five For Fighting - Superman Axis Of Awesome - Birdplane Missy Higgins - Scar



Provided to YouTube by TuneCore Axis · GHOSTEMANE Plagues ℗ 2016 GHOSTEMANE Released on: 2016-11-14 Auto-generated by YouTube.

The Greatest Extents of the Axis Powers | #countryballs


hopefully everyone understands the last phase was fictional because rizz #shorts #countryballs #alightmotion #animation #sus #ohio

Cardiac Axis Interpretation, Animation.


(USMLE topics, cardiology) What is the heart axis? How to calculate cardiac axis on an ECG strip? Methods for estimation/determination of cardiac axis. Purchase PDF (script of this video +images) here: 🤍 This video is available for instant download licensing here: 🤍 ©Alila Medical Media. All rights reserved. Support us on Patreon and get FREE downloads and other great rewards: All images/videos by Alila Medical Media are for information purposes ONLY and are NOT intended to replace professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of a qualified healthcare provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Cardiac axis is the net direction of electrical activity during depolarization. In a healthy heart, the net movement is downward and slightly left. This axis is altered, or deviated, in certain conditions. For example, in left ventricular hypertrophy the axis is skewed further left; while right ventricular hypertrophy results in a deviation to the right. Cardiac axis can be determined by examining the 6 limb leads, which look at the heart from different angles in a vertical plane. The QRS axis is the most important, and also the easiest to be determined, as it represents ventricular depolarization. The QRS axis is considered normal when it is between -30 and +90 degrees. Left axis deviation is between -30 and -90 degrees. Right axis deviation goes between +90 and +180 degrees. The rest is known as northwest axis or extreme axis deviation. Remember that depolarization TOWARD a lead produces a POSITIVE deflection; depolarization AWAY from a lead gives a NEGATIVE deflection. Impulses moving at a 90 degree angle relative to a lead produce an isoelectric, or equiphasic result with positive and negative deflections of similar amplitude. There are several methods to estimate the QRS axis; we here discuss 2 of them. The quadrant method. This method looks at the QRS complex in lead 1 and lead aVF. If the QRS complex is mostly positive in both leads, the axis is somewhere in between the 2 leads, which is in the normal range. If it’s negative in lead I and positive in aVF, the axis is running away from lead I but toward aVF and is thus in the lower right quadrant. The diagnosis is right axis deviation. A positive value in lead I and negative in lead aVF, place the axis in the upper left quadrant, which interprets as possible left axis deviation. A more accurate method will be needed to further determine if it is borderline normal or left deviation. Negative values of the QRS complex in both leads are indicative of extreme axis deviation. The isoelectric lead method: this method consists of finding the isoelectric or equiphasic lead – the one with equal, or closest to equal, negative and positive deflections. In other words, the one with zero, or nearest to zero, net amplitude. The axis line is perpendicular to the direction of the isoelectric lead. Next, look at the lead that runs nearest to this line. If the QRS complex is positive in that lead, the axis points to roughly the same direction as the lead. If it is negative, the axis points to the opposite direction.

4 Chords | Music Videos | The Axis Of Awesome


Ever wonder why all those pop songs sound kinda the same? Well, it's pretty simple; They all use the same 4 Chords! Subscribe For More: 🤍 Download 4 Chords and check out our albums on iTunes 🤍 SONGS in 4 CHORDS Journey "Don't Stop Believing" James Blunt "You're Beautiful" Black Eyed Peas "Where Is the Love" Alphaville "Forever Young" Jason Mraz "I'm Yours" Train "Hey Soul Sister" The Calling "Wherever You Will Go" Elton John "Can You Feel The Love Tonight" (from The Lion King) Akon "Don't Matter" John Denver "Take Me Home, Country Roads" Lady Gaga "Paparazzi" U2 "With Or Without You" The Last Goodnight "Pictures of You" Maroon Five "She Will Be Loved" The Beatles "Let It Be" Bob Marley "No Woman No Cry" Marcy Playground "Sex and Candy" Men At Work "Land Down Under" Theme from America's Funniest Home Videos Jack Johnson "Taylor" Spice Girls "Two Become One" A Ha "Take On Me" Green Day "When I Come Around" Eagle Eye Cherry "Save Tonight" Toto "Africa" Beyonce "If I Were A Boy" Kelly Clarkson "Behind These Hazel Eyes" Jason DeRulo "In My Head" The Smashing Pumpkins "Bullet With Butterfly Wings" Joan Osborne "One Of Us" Avril Lavigne "Complicated" The Offspring "Self Esteem" The Offspring "You're Gonna Go Far Kid" Akon "Beautiful" Timberland featuring OneRepublic "Apologize" Eminem featuring Rihanna "Love the Way You Lie" Bon Jovi "It's My Life" Lady Gaga "Pokerface" Aqua "Barbie Girl" Red Hot Chili Peppers "Otherside" The Gregory Brothers "Double Rainbow" MGMT "Kids" Andrea Bocelli "Time To Say Goodbye" Robert Burns "Auld Lang Syne" Five for fighting "Superman" The Axis of Awesome "Birdplane" Missy Higgins "Scar" Thanks for watching and don't forget to subscribe for more awesome music videos and sketches.

Axix - Ek Choti... (Official Music Video)


Ek Choti... Axix Lyrics/Compose : Apar Gurung Edit/Camera : Bizu/Satiz Colorist : Satiz Shrestha Director : Bizu Karmacharya

Looney Tunes - The Ducktators 1942 High Quality HD


Looney Tunes, The Ducktators 1942. Greetings to all. Subscribe, like and click the notification bell for the best of classic comedy and cartoons. Support Our Work 🤍 🤍 Storyline The cartoon takes place on a farm, beginning with a few ducks, geese and chickens being shown. After a brief few moments, two ducks (who are expecting a duckling) go over to their unusually black-colored egg as it starts to hatch. Once the egg has hatched, a duckling with an Adolf Hitler appearance emerges and yells "Sieg Heil!" while giving the Nazi salute. After time passes, the Hitler duck grows into adulthood, holding aggressive speeches toward other ducks and geese. One goose, representing Benito Mussolini, agrees with him and gives the Nazi salute. Afterward, a postcard from The Management of the Theatre that says "We wish to apologize to the NICE DUCKS and GEESE who may be in the audience" is shown. The Hitler duck then gathers up a group of soldiers to join him in his own Axis Powers Army, including a Daffy Duck-like character, who claims to be from South Germany. The Mussolini goose then delivers a speech to the only listener: a little chick who had been forced to stay and applaud. After these happenings, storm troopers are sent marching across the area, while the Dove of Peace (possibly representing Franklin Roosevelt), grieves at what is happening ("Have they forgot? 'Tis love that's right, and naught is gained by show of might."). A group of chickens and the Mussolini goose are then seen at what appears to be a Peace Conference, in which the Hitler duck slaps the Mussolini goose for dim-wittedly taking part in it and puts the newly signed peace treaty through a shredder, whereupon everyone in the Peace Conference area brawl against each other. Another duck with large teeth and round glasses holding the flag of the Empire of Japan, representing Hideki Tojo, is seen swimming across the water and placing the flag (with the words "Japanese Mandate Island" written on the back of the flag) on a tiny island that turns out to be a turtle, who emerges from the water and chases the duck, beating him with the "Japanese Mandate Island" sign as he is now on the warpath against Tojo. The Japanese duck tries to get out of being beaten by flashing a badge that reads, "I Am Chinese," but to no avail. "And I'm mock turtle soup!" shouts the infuriated turtle sarcastically. A subtitle below the badge states that it was made in Japan, which may explain why the turtle did not buy the ruse. The three (Hitler Duck, Mussolini Goose and Tojo Duck) are then seen marching across a field while singing a parody of "One, Two, Buckle My Shoe" ("One two, buckle my shoe. Three four, shut honorable door"), they're joined by a newly born chicken straight from an egg, who has a soft Spanish accent, alluding to the supposed fourth wheel of the Nazi empire: Spanish dictator Francisco Franco. The Dove then tries to reason with the Axis Powers. However, they ignore him and trample him. His temper reaching breaking point, the Dove yells at the Axis Powers to "STOP!!". The Dove proceeds to combat against the Tojo duck who is rubbing his hands in a sinister way, the Hitler duck and the Mussolini goose, as well as their storm troopers. With the help of a group of chickens, the baby chick who had been forced to cheer for the Mussolini goose earlier after being captured (how he was rescued is not explained), a crazy rabbit with a mustache (impersonating Jerry Colonna and possibly representing Joseph Stalin) wielding a large wooden hammer for a weapon and hiding in a barrel which he also uses for transportation and a human man carrying a sniper rifle that emerges from a poster that says "For Victory, Buy United States Victory Bonds" and fires at the fleeing axis powers, the Dove overthrows the Axis Powers and saves the day. Years later, the Dove, now a brave war hero, has two children (one named "Peace", the other named "Quiet"). The Dove explains to his children that even though he hates war, he chose to be brave and stand up against the Axis Powers. The Dove then points out to his children that his enemies (the Hitler and Tojo ducks and the Mussolini goose) are now moose-head trophies above his fireplace in beaten up appearances. The final message of the cartoon states to the U.S. audience that if they wish to defeat the Axis Powers and bring peace to the world once again, all they have to do to ensure the country's victory is to buy United States Savings Bonds and Stamps. Directed by Norman McCabe Produced by Leon Schlesinger Story by Melvin Millar Voices by Mel Blanc (uncredited) Michael Maltese (uncredited) John McLeish (uncredited) Music by Carl Stalling Animation by John Carey Cal Dalton (uncredited) Arthur Davis (uncredited) Izzy Ellis (uncredited) Layouts by David Hilberman (uncredited) Studio Leon Schlesinger Productions Distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures Release date(s) August 1, 1942

A PulseChain Paradigm: An Expansive Ecosystem: With Axis Alive


#HEX #PulseChain Today, I’ll speak with Axis Alive where will discuss numerous topics including the Incentive Token, the HEX Cruise, worldwide events surrounding PulseChain, how memecoins play a role for adoption on PulseChain, TA on both HEXes, PulseChain, PulseX and the INC Token and more! Topics: So Axis, tell us about the trajectory of the crypto market, where do you think we’re going in the short-term surrounding the totality of the blockchain market? So let’s discuss memecoins, how do you think memecoins will play a vital role surrounding onboarding new users to PulseChain? Let’s discuss the HEX Cruise, how did that go and why do real life community events play a focal role in expanding the PulseChain sphere? What are some upcoming events surrounding the PulseChain and HEX community that are necessary to share? Can we do a TA analysis surrounding EHEX, PHEX, PulseChain, PulseX and the Incentive Token? Follow Me On Twitter: 🤍 Follow Axis Alive On Twitter: 🤍 Axis Alive Official Website: 🤍 Please consider liking, subscribing, commenting and sharing the video if you like the content! Please consider sending SuperChats/SuperLikes as it truly helps the channel grow! Disclaimer: I personally sacrificed for PulseChain/PulseX with no expectations of profit from the work of others and am a current holder of the HEX cryptocurrency. Disclaimer: Cryptocurrency investing involves substantial risk, do not invest more than you can afford to lose! I am not responsible for any of your trades! *The above video references an opinion and is for news/information and entertainment purposes only. It is not intended to be investment advice, financial advice, or any solicitation, recommendation, endorsement, or offer that you buy or sell any cryptocurrency or securities. Trading in cryptocurrencies and securities is a high risk activity involving risk of loss so please seek a duly licensed professional for investment or financial advice. The information provided on this video should not be used to make any investment or financial decisions without consulting your financial or investment advisor. This video contains my opinion only and is not intended to cause harm or defame anyone or any entity. YouTube has the power to pull down videos at their own discretion as do I. I am not responsible if they go down and I may decide to take down videos at my own discretion if I find suspicious activity surrounding that project. I'd advise to save the video to post in the future.

The Secret Greek Soldiers That Terrified the Axis Forces


The Greek Sacred Band was steeped in the epic military history of the ancient hoplite warriors. Established in 1942, the unit was trained to follow the footsteps of the British SAS and the Special Boat Service. For over two years, the seasoned Greek commandos conducted land and sea-based raids against the Axis forces. Having honed their skills to perfection, they were now ready to reconquer the Aegean islands. During moonless nights, the commandos boarded their small boats, stealthily approached the Dodecanese islands, and launched hit-and-run attacks from multiple sectors to overwhelm the enemy. By the time the Axis forces could retaliate, they were already encircled and cut off by several commandos. This strategy cemented the reputation of the Greek Sacred Band as the corsairs and liberators of the Aegean… - As images and footage of actual events are not always available, Dark Docs sometimes utilizes similar historical images and footage for dramatic effect. I do my best to keep it as visually accurate as possible. All content on Dark Docs is researched, produced, and presented in historical context for educational purposes. We are history enthusiasts and are not always experts in some areas, so please don't hesitate to reach out to us with corrections, additional information, or new ideas. -



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Axis - Someone


I found someone I needed badly Who'll follow me gladly Wherever I go I need someone who can fulfill me Helping to build me Making me grow I found someone I needed badly Who'll follow me gladly Wherever I go I need someone who can fulfill me Helping to build me Making me grow We'll be sharing all our tomorrows The joys and the sorrows We'll see them through With this love that is growing inside There's no way to hide That the someone is you All of my days I've been getting it wrong I've made up my mind, I didn't belong Impossible dreams that kept falling through I needed someone to make them come through And that someone is you! In my heart I'm feeling so certain We're leaving the hurting Safely behind You're the someone made to complete me What can defeat me Now that you're mine All of my days I've been getting it wrong I've made up my mind, I didn't belong Impossible dreams that kept falling through I needed someone to make them come through And that someone is you! I found someone I needed badly Who'll follow me gladly Wherever I go I need someone who can fulfill me Helping to build me Making me grow I found someone I needed badly Who'll follow me gladly Wherever I go I need someone who can fulfill me Helping to build me Making me grow I found someone I needed badly Who'll follow me gladly Wherever I go I need someone who can fulfill me Helping to build me Making me grow I found someone I needed badly Who'll follow me gladly Wherever I go I need someone who can fulfill me Helping to build me Making me grow

Why didn't Vichy France join the Axis? (Short Animated Documentary)


When France fell to Germany (and Italy if you're feeling generous) it mostly became a client state of Berlin. Despite this France never tried to join the axis to fight the allies. So why not? To find out watch this short and simple animated history documentary. A special thanks to my patreon supporters below: Joakim Idland Jens Koch-Nommensen Øystein Alsaker Sergio M. Vela khaki enthusiast Eclipse Gin Aldeguer Brendan W Dennis Vandeban Michael Kram CharÉTS Hasmuffin Franco La Bruna Ethan Don Bonnigan Ian Whitcomb Southside Mitch Adam Barrett John Bradley chaulk Justin Kubusch Heath Robertson JakeBak0905 Person Leonard Frank Timmy Korix Riylo Jane Sumpter Sean Uzar Christopher Godfrey Nathan Mendelsohn ConspiracyPizza sharpie660 Emperor Kane Sean D. Brooks Woolson Martha Grondin Mario Peshev Vance Christiaanse Aaron Conaway Phoenix Fats Joshua Rackstraw Piotr Wojnowski Shauna K Steven Gibson MGS2600 Travis Mount Philip Yip Adrian Marine Paul Munro Joshua Schneider Tony Belmonte Andreas Mosand Jamie van Brewen John Orr Erik Hare Nicholas Menghini Phillip Gathright zockotron Arthur Hosey Jr. Andy McGehee Peter Marino Dr. Schtnizel Jack Nelson D. Mahlik Andrew F Alex Teplyakov Ron Johnson tegsirat Bernardo Cavalcanti Nolan Peale Evan Ellingson Contdoko12 Chris Winther Zhao Liu Katie Flinn Dana Spurgeon Nick Macarius Roman Kynčl Matthew Toles Allen Rines Joe DeVito Thomas McGraw Tactical_Jackal Angel Aguiñaga Jacob Zachs Keith A. Layton Clayton Schuman Jose Recinto Duane Bridges mgnesium.poetry Chris Weisel Bradley Backoff Matt Reed HelloAgain John Garcia Serius_Loyola Jason Vandeventer Windischgraetz Michael Galloway Ciege Engine Zach Rust Andrew Patane Chase Labiste Dullis Brian George Sahni Bernice blaZzinG_FurY Tino Tim Stone Leena Al-Souki Daniel J Miller Patty Culp Bartosz Zasada William Adderholdt Vilena5 Zachary Pascalar KNSTRKTVST Matthew O'Connor Spencer DeRosier Justin Short Anthony McCann Perry Gagne Ben Drums 24 ARandomPaperClip Blue Cardinal george tyler Tyler Jenkins Joel Cromwell Hexapuma No way Warren Rudkin Aaron Larrow C. C. C. ThePalestRose Joseph Hutchins Jason Gould Valentyn Juan Castillo Bodo Nuber Oliver Jenner Andrew Niedbala Ahmed Roshdi Logical Insanity Stefan Møller Dexter_McAaron David van Reyk Matt Busch Chach Mr. Myoozik Ethan Harlow Liquid Chief sixbeforelunch Curt Helmerich Colm Byrne Joel Wasserman ZCoupon Thomas McGill Brian Giordano Magdalena Reinberg-Leibel Bren Ehnebuske Nathan Ngumi Clay Carroll BattleGoat Studios Joseph Reinsch Geoffrey Sparrow James Vegard Tønnessen Tim Sweeney Alen Romney Manassa Little Ernu bas mensink Ned Burke Tim Stumbaugh Colonel Oneill George Buce Ryan Lowe Burt Clothier Matthew Ward Steve Bonds luvrhino Rob Rollins Melissa Prober Andrei Listochkin Robin! kevinh Carl Blanton Richard Wolfe SketerK JT96 Yared Cristiano Juan Benet anon Moraxian Mars Project Zach Weakland David Spellmeyer Yosef Waysman Emily Glover-Wilson Jonny Minogue SirAlpaka Alex G. T. c. north Donald Weaver Single-Seat Super-Maneuverable Twin-Turbofan Straight-Wing Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt II with AGM-65 Maverick Missiles William Clark Sethars nullptr Harrison Wiener Hunter Bayliss Thomas Wang Joseph Kerckhoff Azul Bravestrong pdswanfleet Tristan Kreller Jeffrey Schneider Yuichiro Kakutani Mik Scheper Hiro P Dr. Howard Dr. Fine Dr. Howard Anthony Uk James R DeVries Igor Stavchanskiy Ryan Haber Mark Ploegstra YugiJitsu Games Eric Askins Tom Ebert mohd LambOfLeg Wolf Dustin Koellhoffer Aeryn and Lisa Toland Ian M Sara Birnbaum I'm Not In The Description Oriki Kirk Hoffman Charles Doolittle Roko Lisica Colm Boyle Dan W biohazardgamer Lech Duraj Doug MacLean Isabel Harrison Dutchball Animations Allen 0_DannyBoy John Gross-Whitaker Will Sullivan Tranier Bocaj Kevin Phoenix Sophie Winter Miky Hidalgo Morriss Sean Long Danny Anstess Robert Brockway George Caponera Kinfe85 Seth Reeves Dr. Sarno Peter Konieczny AltHistoryConjectures Heytun Dan Reiher Shakira Graham Ali Sadighian Nathan Snyder Zachary Oertel Harley Raptopoulos Manny F Christopher S Nelson Andrew Sever Konstantin Bredyuk Lindorien Paul McGee Abdallah Al-Ammari João Santos Typhoon2401 Daniel O'Reilly Markus Lindström Michael Corson blei95 Robin_Col Kasi Olaf Jan Bart Verbist M Scho Ploshtinska polyudnica Schwarzer Hai Tarsirrus James Rhys Little Ben L Ash Elford Jackarice26 Harrison Tatem-Wyatt Gina Service Twinny Hill zemnmez KingKyumber Phil Johnston DarkLycan Roberticus1992 Tom Pollard Rhys Jackson

Evolution of Axis powers


Axis Powers In a nutshell.... #shorts #history #axis


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AXIS Object Analytics


🤍 This versatile video analytics comes preinstalled on compatible Axis cameras, adding value at no extra cost. It detects and classifies humans, vehicles, and types of vehicles. Thanks to AI-based algorithms and behavioral conditions, it analyzes the scene and spatial behavior of the objects within - all tailored to your specific needs. Suitable for a wide range of applications, this scalable, edge-based analytics requires minimum set up and supports various scenarios running simultaneously. Using the camera’s event management system, it integrates with all major video management systems. Designed to enable proactive monitoring and access to actionable insights, you can quickly verify detected events or set up automatic responses. 🤍 For over 30 years, Axis Communications has been an established innovator in the network video and security industry. As a team, we pioneer intelligent network technology, creating unique possibilities for partners, end users and employees. We strive to continue to push the limits with leading network video solutions, access control solutions, audio solutions, training, and technical support – all working together for a smarter, safer world.

Pet Shop Boys - Axis [Official Music Video]


From the Pet Shop Boys album "Electric" Out now: 🤍 Digital: 🤍 CD: 🤍

Why did Romania join the axis? (Short Animated Documentary)


Twitter: 🤍 Patreon: 🤍 Merch: 🤍 Special Thanks to the following Patrons for their support on Patreon: James Bisonette Richard Wolfe Franco La Bruna Kevin Sanders Daniel Lambert Chris Fatta Joshua Andrew Niedbala Mitchell Wildoer anon Cornel Danny Anstess Blaine Tillack Matthew Will Davis-Coleman Bernardo Santos William Foster Norman A. Letterman Shaun Pullin Perry Gagne Joooooshhhhh Henry Rabung Paul Armani_Banani Byzans_Scotorius Jeffrey Schneider FuzzytheFair Spencer Smith João Santos Richard Manklow William Olson Andrew Keeling Rbj Chance Cansler Mark Bevan Why did Romania join the Axis Powers during World War 2. Self-preservation, mostly. Sources: Germany and the Establishment of the Romanian National Legionary State, September 1940 by Rebecca Haynes. National Projects, Regional Identities, Everyday Compromises: Szeklerland in Greater Romania (1919-1940) by Stefano Bottoni. The Dysfunctional Coalition: The Axis Powers and the Eastern Front in World War II by R.L. DiNardo. Territorial Dimensions of Hungarian Ethnic Identity by George W. White.

Allies VS Axis Powers | Axis Powers VS Allies | WW 2 | Axis Powers | Allies vs axis | Data Duck 2.o


Allies VS Axis Powers | Axis Powers VS Allies | WW 2 | Axis Powers | Allies vs axis | Data Duck 2.o source link 🤍 this video are Comparison between the Allies and axis powers. #alliesvsaxis #axisvsallies #alliesvsaxispowers #axispowersvsallies #allies #axis #axispowers #secondworldwar #alliescountries #axiscountries #hitler #secondworldwararmycomparision #alliesarmy #axispowersarmy #romeberlintokyo

Axis edit | Credit to @MKP2678 #ww2 #capcut #history


Credit to 🤍MKP2678 for original idea 🤍

Axis Bank Zero Balance Account 2023


Link- 🤍 AU Small Finance Bank 0 Balance Online Account Opening Link - Link :- 🤍 Kotak Mahindra Bank Online Zero Balance Account Opening Link - Axis Bank Easy Access Savings Account 🤍 About This Video : This is a youtube video on axis bank zero balance account opening process, account features and benefits. Instagram :- 🤍 FaceBook :- 🤍

Axis of Awesome - All Popular Songs Are The Same 4 Chords


Australian comedy trio #AxisofAwesome (Jordan Raskopoulos, Lee Naimo, Benny Davis), rock the stage at the 2010 #JustForLaughs Festival in Montreal. Subscribe: 🤍 Watch more #StandUp from #JFL : 🤍 FOLLOW JFL : Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Website: 🤍 ABOUT #JUSTFORLAUGHS : Just For Laughs is the world’s premiere destination for #standupcomedy. JFL produces the world’s largest and most prestigious comedy event every July in Montreal, as well as annual festivals in Toronto and Sydney. On this channel, you will find comedic clips from some of the most legendary comedians in the business: Chris Rock, Bill Burr, Kevin Hart, and more. We also feature stand-up from newcomers such as John Mulaney, Bo Burnham, and Amy Schumer. If you just want to laugh, you’re in the right place.

Hitler's Skewed Perspective on the Other Axis Powers of WW2 [Did the German Army Agree?]


Many forget that in many instances, Hitler and the Nazi Party had very different perspectives on military alliances and effectiveness than the regular German Army. In this video, we explain the perspective of the former. Let us know if you want a part two explaining the views of the regular German Army! Buy us a KoFi to help support the channel & team! 🎭 •🤍 Check out some of the music we use in our videos!🎶 •🤍 Join other history buffs on our Discord!📚 •🤍 🎬Video Credits: Narrator - Cam Editors - Kshitiz, Shantanu koli Writer - Tristyn Researcher - Daniel Intro music - 🤍 #TheFront #History For business inquiries and to learn about our team check out our website🌐: •🤍 Chapters 0:00 Introduction 0:31 Japan 3:12 Italy 5:16 Hungary 6:36 Romania 8:11 Finland 10:21 Bulgaria 11:57 Conclusion

Axis ATK - Avoue que tu kiffes


En hommage à mes collègues, Cyanure, Test, Freko, Antilop, Tacteel et Fredy K. Réalisé par Antonin et Colin

Axis Powers in 12 Seconds | #countryballs


nah who rizzed them now #countryballs #shorts #animation #alightmotion #sus #ohio

What if the Axis won WW2? | Axis Victory, Japanese Empire, German Reich, Italian Empire


🤍 🤍 00:00:00 Italy 00:40:19 Japan 01:19:30 Germany WW1 02:06:59 Germany WW2

WW2 Axis powers edit


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Axis - Definition for Kids





TRIBULATION – Axis Mundi (OFFICIAL VIDEO) Taken from the EP ‘Hamartia’, out April 7th 2023! Listen and pre-order here: 🤍 Music and lyrics by: Joseph Tholl & Tribulation Video Director: Johan Bååth in collaboration with Astrid Bergdahl Production Company: Baath Films ► Lyrics ◄ Inside the foundry they have given birth For the upheaval of a buried earth The sanctified mechanic bends the axis of the world they mend From the center of it all They rise They forge Their thoughts They breed through the machinery of faith They scourge They burn And the wheel on the axis will turn The gracious ambiance began to swirl In raging winds of the inverted world They would not to this dream awake In time their shores they would forsake They rise They forge Their thoughts They breed through the machinery of faith They scourge They burn And the wheel on the axis will turn They rise They forge Their thoughts They breed through the machinery of faith They scourge They burn And the wheel on the axis will turn Yes, they bleed Through the machinery of faith They yearn And the wheel on the axis will burn TRIBULATION online: 🤍 🤍 🤍 #TRIBULATION #AXISMUNDI #HAMARTIA

Past & Now of the Axis Powers


*NOTE: Since it is mainly Asia-centric POV, soo not all stuff included, auther has no means to offend ur point and view, this vid is for fun only* Q1: Why no Japan Empire & ROC flag? A1: The original version of the animation was posted on Chinese Mainland's social platform bilibili, it don't allow fascist flag / ROC flag without marking the year (1912-1949). It'll take time to fix another version for YT. Q2: Real Cat-God? A2: Cat-God have decided to post his animations on YT weeks ago, this is the original announcement: 🤍 See also if u don't know Chinese: 🤍 Music used: snooze (feat. SHIKI) #polandball #countryballs #animation #catgod #japan #ussr #soviet #china #usa #america #history #germany #italy #ww2 #subscribe



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Let’s Unbox Axis Cube #shorts


#cubing #rubikscube #shorts

Why Did Mr. Krabs Join the Axis Powers?


Ayyy spongebob it was for the loot.

WWII Axis vs Allies


*alternate title:* Allies vs Axis *join the discord* 🤍 #shorts #geography #history #wwii #germany #italy #japan #axis #allies #uk #usa #france #canada #poland #russia #ussr #sovietunion #worldwar #gitchedgeography

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