Best Differentials to Gain Rank | FPL GW38 Preview

Gianni Butticè

Gianni Butticè

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Who are the best FPL differentials for GW38? You can Download the OneFootball App here 👉 🤍

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Best Differentials to Gain Rank | FPL GW38 Preview
Best Differentials to Gain Rank | FPL GW38 Preview
Best Differentials to Gain Rank | FPL GW38 Preview
Best Differentials to Gain Rank | FPL GW38 Preview
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Simon Hart
2023-05-27 17:23:07

Patterson is definitely out.

መስፍን ፍቅረየሱስ
2023-05-27 12:54:10

Sweet gianny

tasnim elit
2023-05-27 11:37:27

What about dalot?
Any possibility of starting?

Hu Pham
2023-05-27 04:37:04

Great to see you in Juventus jersey.

2023-05-26 18:42:55

I was at a rank of 9m before World Cup and now I’m in 3.7m with 2000+ points… and it’s all thanks to you 🙏🏿

Hope to see you soon in August

Plus I played my free hit in GW 37 and I got 80 points…🎉

Gabriel Beale
2023-05-26 15:08:38

Top class video!!! Would you transfer out Grealish and if so, who for?

Qasim Cheema
2023-05-26 15:05:51

What would your freehit team be?

2023-05-26 13:38:05

thank you gianni hope to see you soon ❤

2023-05-26 13:24:38

Differentials, team leaks before deadline, transfer advice - covered everything there mate 💯

Eddie Casey
2023-05-26 12:38:40

What to do with grealish and should I take out mitoma or Mcallister got 2 free transfers 0.3 in bank

Majed Al Awadhi
2023-05-26 12:09:51

GOAT T-shirt ❤

Cameron Starr
2023-05-26 12:09:16

I'm gojng to wait for some team news.. I'm thinking diaz as my differential
What do you think?
My last differential Ferguson worked at treat 56k looking for a 50k finish

Mario Vecchia
2023-05-26 11:50:10

Grazie Gianni, always useful info!

Abdul Azeem TV
2023-05-26 11:05:09

I'm thinking captaining Alvarez

2023-05-26 10:20:14

Thank you Gianni ,, was here from beginning 🤞🌟 see you next season 🤞🌟

Gaasaka Gaasaka
2023-05-26 10:09:37

Am also captaining Håland

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